flying and flooding

Big news of the day: I’M FLYING HOME TODAY!!! Davey’s not coming, boo hoo 😦 but I’ll be home for Jordan’s graduation and Kim’s baby shower! YAY!!! 🙂

So, the birds grew up, had flying lessons and now we have an empty nest and bird poop on my bike seat.

All the neighbors were standing on their porches watching them learn to fly. The parents were also coaching from the side. Now, this may just sound a little weird that we’re so entertained by birds, but it’s been really fun to watch them hatch, grow up and fly away! 

Thanks to my mom, they all have names too. Mork, Mindy, Minny and Max. (going with the theme of our family w/ all the “J” names, hehe)

here we are going out to dinner the other night. and yes. We’re wearing WINTER coats and scarves. It’s not because we have thin blood or anything… it’s been FREEZING here lately! And windy!!! We found this great new restaurant called Zimzala right downtown, so if anyone comes to visit, we’ll take you there 🙂

This is the closest we’ve gotten to the ocean too. The water is frigid. It just might snow. HAHA.

Speaking of water, can you believe the flood in Nashville?! Crazy! We were just there last month and we were at the grand ol opry hotel, which is now flooded. HopeForce is based in Nashville so they’re doing all they can to help people rebuild and get back on their feet. I’m sure they’d appreciate your prayers. Here’s a video that our friend Cherie posted on her facebook page.

So many earthquakes, tornados, floods…  we’re hoping to finish our training soon, so that we can be able to go and help in these disasters.

That’s all for now. Love you all and see some of you THIS WEEK in NJ!!!!!!!


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