When we were in Tennessee, Mrs. Pearl told us this little saying:

Spring is for planting,

Summer is for fishing,

Fall is for hunting,

and Winter is for making babies!

(and no… I’m not pregnant… haha)

But this is an exciting time and lots of babies are going to be born! My cousin Kim is due in July! My friend Angie is due in just a few weeks, my cousin’s wife is pregnant with TWINS (they’re missionaries in Africa, so prayers are appreciated!)… how exciting!

I’ve also been enjoying working in the pediatric side of the ER these days. I thought I wouldn’t like it because the thought of starting an IV on a newborn freaked me out, but I actually love working with the kiddos. My favorite thing is to give them crayons and coloring books… they’re face lights up and it’s like they’re saying “I actually get to color in the hospital?!” We also get to give out “snow cones”… just ice chips with cherry syrup to encourage fluids… it’s a lot of fun. And these days I usually leave work with a smile, feeling like I’ve made a difference. The parents and kids are so teachable and willing to change, whereas, the adults are set in their ways and don’t respond well to education. Sooooo, that’s pretty exciting.

And here’s the highlight of this post>>>>> drum roll please…

Today, I was talking to my neighbor and he was showing his daughter the bird in our flowers and he said the eggs hatched! We have baby birds!!! They haven’t chirped at all and they’re HUGE, so they must have hatched awhile ago! Here’s a little video clip:

Pretty exciting, huh?! New life is popping up everywhere… from baby birds to our growing tomato plants (who are loving all the water that they’re getting from the sprinklers!) And we can’t wait to meet all the new babies in the next few months!!!

P.S.- here’s a pretty sunset picture that I took the other day


3 thoughts on “Babies!

  1. I have to say…as cute as the morning doves are…I am partial to the beautiful California sunset and seeing my beautiful daughter on the video šŸ™‚ and hearing Davey’s voice too…of course.

  2. Love your new blog Jess and Davey. And am glad your keeping it updated so all of us on the “right” side can follow your happy life. You look GREAT and love your “pets”. Must name them before they leave you!

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