Maybe it’s because it’s spring that I’m in cleaning/rearranging mode, or maybe it’s because I went to Crate & Barrel the other day and wanted my apt to look just like the store. But last weekend, we must have rearranged our living room 5 times and then finally decided we liked it the way it was in the first place. Ha Ha!

Anyway, these past 2 weekends we’ve done a few D.I.Y projects. I don’t know about you, but our coffee table collects junk. And I don’t even know how it gets there! At least the flowers make it look a little bit pretty.

So, we decided to do something about this. We rummaged through our house and found this board which was the perfect size and color as our coffee table! So we headed to the hardware store and bought a dowel, spray painted it brown, cut in in 4 pieces and nailed it under the table. What a perfect place to store the junk! It feels like I’m just sweeping the dust under the rug, but it definitely makes for a less cluttered coffee table.

Then, we decided to start our garden. Here’s some seedlings:

This will be the 3rd year we’ve tried to grow tomatoes, herbs and flowers in pots. Thats the one downfall of living by the beach… you don’t get much land, so our patio garden is confined to pots. We thought about just pouring dirt on top of the concrete, but we decided that might be hard to clean up when we move. But despite the challenge of not having land, we LOVE to garden. Nothing is better than cooking a meal and remembering I need a tomato, or some fresh basil or a lemon and just walking out the door and picking it out of OUR garden! No more trips to the store! Plus, things just taste better when you grow them! So, anyway, the past 2 years, our plants have done below average. It’s probably because we’re gone a few weeks and weekends out of the summer and we forget to water them. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Because of Davey’s sheer geinuis and handiness (is that a word?), we now have an automatic watering system set to a timer! How sweet is THAT?! It works so well and we are excited to have a “babysitter” for our plants while we’re gone. Now if only we could rig something up to take care of a dog…

Water. It all tastes the same to me. But not to Davey. He’s wanted an R.O unit (reverse osmosis water filer) So, today while we were at Lowe’s, we found one on sale!!! And I’ll admit– Davey’s parents have one and the water does taste very good! I guess Davey’s much more aware of all the harmful chemicals and junk in tap water and I’m just thirsty and drink it from the tap… it tastes like a hose water (it reminds me of drinking from the garden hose when I was little… yummmm), but it’ can’t be good for you. So here he is with all the parts and pieces…

4 hours later… delicious water!!! What a handy husband I have. I think I’ll do what my mom does with my dad and start making a list of things I want him to build πŸ™‚ Any ideas?!


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y

  1. Jess…at least you can just go out your front door for herbs…..I have to walk alllllll the way out to the yard!!!…haha…and Davey…we are very impressed with your DIY ethic!!! Wish we could give you some or our yard!!!

  2. have you tried the topsy turvy for your tomatos? i think if they get enough sun they may be a good option for your small space. love ya

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