you’re the only ten I see :-)

One of my favorite pick up lines is “are you from Tennessee? because you’re the only ten I see!” And basically, that’s all I knew about the state… a catchy pick up line and that Davey used to live there. Well, last week we flew to TN and as soon as we landed, I immediately fell in love with this place… all the trees were green and the flowers were blooming… it was so beautiful! Not to mention another reason I like it here:

And that sweet red stang I’m leaning on is our rental (we got a killer deal b/c the Hertz guy said I was nice and he liked red-heads) 🙂 That’s why Davey loves TN… he gets to drive his dream car! It was so fun. Here’s a better picture of my stud in his stang:

So, 2 medium hazelnut iced coffee’s in hand (and a few munchkins too) we sped around Nashville seeing the sights. We visited the Grand Opry Hotel— INCREDIBLE. This hotel has a jungle inside of it, complete with waterfalls, rivers, and trees…

I’m not a fan of country music, but since we’re in Nashville, we HAD to do something music related… so we went to the Gibson Guitar Showcase and Davey jammed on a few beauties…

Later that evening, we met some family friends, The Whitworth’s, for dinner. It was a great time catching up, laughing at old memories and eating delicious food! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the 4 of us… but we did get one shot of “Super Dave” and “Uncle Wayno” as they so affectionately call one another 🙂

So, the main reason we traveled to Tennessee was for HopeForce training.
“What is HopeForce” you ask? Hopeforce is a Disaster Relief Organization whose mission is to motivate, equip and mobilize the global Christian community to respond in times of crisis and chronic need, to alleviate suffering and bring hope through compassionate action.

*check out this video and see how they responded to the earthquake in Haiti

pretty amazing, huh?! We are so excited to be part of this organization! It would take pages and pages to elaborate on what we learned and studied, but one thing that was emphasized was the ministry of “presence” and just being there with people during a crisis is soooo valuable to them and embodies what Jesus would do. We were blown away by the training and came away so spiritually refreshed, challenged and inspired.We made some new friends and are looking forward to serving the Lord with them in the future.

here’s our group…

After the training, we had the privilege of taking Jack and Cherie (HopeForce founders), and Dave (the tech guy) out to dinner. We had a blast talking and laughing over burgers and fish and chips. God is so good and we feel so blessed to have met them and gotten to spend time getting to know them and hear their stories!

We’ll keep you posted on future trips and deployments!

And if ANYONE is interested in becoming a reservist– you don’t have to be in the medical field– We totally recommend it. It will change your life and give you new eyes to see people how Jesus sees them. (visit for more info)

On Sunday, we got to drive to a little town called Linden. Davey and his family lived there for 2 years. It was so fun seeing the house he lived in and meeting some of his friends and seeing the beautiful property that his family owns. Here’s a few highlights:

And look who was living in our flowers when we got home! A morning dove has laid eggs and sits here all day and night like a statue. We named her Mindy. Her husband Mork sometimes flies over and brings her food. I don’t really like birds up close like this and I think she’s going to attack me whenever I walk by… but it’s kinda cool to watch her perserverance as she sits on those eggs. Next thing I know, I’ll be putting out bird seed like my parents. 🙂

ok, enough about birds. hope everyone enjoys this beautiful spring day!


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