He’s alive!!!!

Easter is one of my favorite “holiday’s”, although I feel like the word holiday isn’t appropriate for the day we celebrate that our Lord and Saviour is ALIVE!!!!!! I have great memories growing up of waking up to easter baskets and wearing my poofy easter dress with the itchy layer that poofed it out even more, frilly socks, new white shoes, lace gloves, a hat and purse… it was darling. And this easter was no different. I wore a pretty easter dress (and my yellow vans). And Davey looked quite dashing as well 🙂 (And reminds me of my brother Jake who always makes a face in pictures. haha)

The church service we went to was held in an outdoor ampitheater. It was a beautiful sunny, breezy day, so it was so nice to be outside for the service. (except I wish I wore sunscreen… sorry mom 🙂 The sermon was awesome and  it was so cool to worship with such a large group of people. That always gives me a taste of what I think heaven will be  like!

Our favorite part of the service was the baptisms. They had 3 blow up pools on the stage and they opened the invitation for anyone to come and be baptized. What a moving and inspiring 45 minutes that was! Person after person making a public dlclaration of their faith… it was incredible. What a celebration!!!

We really missed our families this Easter, as well as the yummy Easter food, so we tried to make our own feast.  It consisted of steak and coconut cake (which I made from scratch by the way… even the icing!) yummmmm! I’m not a very good baker because I don’t like to measure and nothing I bake ever turns out well. But I’m really proud of how it turned out… just like the picture! It’s been 2 days since Easter and we’re more than 1/2 way done eating this masterpiece! It’s soooooo goood!!!

Well, we hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating that HE IS RISEN!!!!

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