new beginnings. and spring.

My mom just texted me and said I should update my blog more. Being a slightly extreme person, I decided to change our blog altogether and be more diligent about updates. so followers… (mom)… welcome to the new site! hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures!

Speaking of my mom, she just came out to California for a visit!!! Davey was at a conference in Connecticut, so it was just us girls. We had the BEST time together! We went to La Jolla, saw mom’s beloved seals, had tea, ate delicious breakfasts, went on beach walks, drove to Griffeth Park and Santa Monica, enjoyed the green hills as we drove thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting, talked, ate golden spoon… every night, had the most delicious salad at California Pizza Kitchen TWO nights in a row, watched movies, drove through Malibu, had tea at a cute little tea house, enjoyed the scenery in Laguna, went into girly shops, caught up and just enjoyed being together again!

Here we are at the Urth Cafe in Santa Monica having breakfast 🙂

and here we are in Malibu. (it was scarf weather, which we LOVE)

the visitors didn’t stop, because a week later, my brother Jake came out for a little R & R.

and we pretty much just sat on the beach and relaxed. heavenly.

so this is exactly why I am determined to blog more often. There’s just SO much to catch up on!

Snowboarding lesson #2 was a disaster.This is before the lesson. “I’ve done this before”. HAHA. I was all smiles and full of excitement, especially since I loved it the first time. Well, long story short, my instructor was a drill sergeant and I guess he thought the sign said “I’ve done this 100 times before” because he had us carving and he had me falling. Again and again. Good thing my goggles are big because they hid my tears. Or so I thought until I heard his booming voice “you’d better not be crying under those goggles, now get up and try again”. Well, one good less, one bad one, maybe 3rd time is the charm. There’s supposed to be a snow storm the 3rd week of April. I’ll keep you posted. And sorry. No video this time.

On to a more happier subject.

We had our 1st spring harvest from our little garden. Salad greens and snap peas. YUM!!!

We’re not as diligent as we should be about watering our flowering friends, but Davey’s going to rig up an automatic watering system through the sprinkler system that goes off at night, so in case we forget, or are away on an adventure, our lovely garden lives on. My dad also sent us an amazing gift in the mail… STRAWBERRY plants. Right from his garden and grown with his expert green thumb. We hope they bloom soon! Thanks Dad!

And now another happy subject…

Davey surprised me with a John Mayer concert!!!! Although I’m not a huge fan of how he lives his life, I LOVE his music (except for his song, “who says”). In fact, he’s the ONLY artist that I have ALL of his albums. He’s also one of the few people I’ve actually wanted to see in concert (I’m not a huge concert goer). So I flew to Vegas (Davey was at a conference) and he wisked me away to the Mandolay Bay Hotel… and yes the hotel is so huge it has a stadium in it!

I  had to get a picture by this poster. Call me crazy but I started a trend and bunch of other girls did the same thing 🙂

The concert was SOOOO good. He sounds just as great as he does on his CD’s and his guitar solos were incredible!

Awesome night with my awesome man!

Speaking of my man…

Check out where the poor guy does his work… his “office” is a makeshift desk in a corner of our kitchen. Here he is working away. Working in the kitchen makes for quite a few distractions: snack time. tea time. coffee break. another snack time. oh, look out the window, it’s too nice to be inside doing work… It’s a wonder he gets anything done. But he does! (And come on, everyone works better after a snack, right?!)

welp, there you have it. A one post update  of our life since Christmas. We have a lot to look forward to, so if you keep reading, I’ll keep updating!

things to look forward to:

-Tennessee trip for a medical disaster relief training course

-Jordan’s graduation from nursing school! woohoo!

-Our 1 year anniversary!

– the birth of Kim and Mike’s baby GIRL!!!!

– Jimmy and Dani’s WEDDING

– the birth of my cousin Matt and Sukey’s TWINS… in Africa where they’re missionaries. (keep them in your prayers please)


So long for now. We love you all.


3 thoughts on “new beginnings. and spring.

  1. urth cafe!!!!! yum! and call me crazy, but i feel like that is the same back corner spot where we had a breakfast date about 2 years ago. LOVE.

  2. Jess, Thanks so much for putting your blog together. I enjoy seeing the pictures so much and it makes me feel a part of your lives. Thank you! Thank you!

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