oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!!!

Merry Christmas!

we had a blast taking pictures for our christmas card! we headed to the beach with our fake snow, set up the self timer and made it snow!!! ***

it was pretty windy and the snow wouldn’t cooperate…
but it made for some great laughs!

we’re dreaming of a white christmas and are sooo hoping for some snow when we go to NJ!!!
* * *

Here we are picking out of very first Christmas Tree!!!!

it survived on the roof for the drive home 🙂

carrying it in!!!
our tree with twinkle lights. the tree skirt is a piece of fabric my dad brought me back from Africa!

these icicle lights are as cold as it gets here 🙂

I came home from work the other day to a surprise package from my mom… ALL MY CHILDHOOD ORNAMENTS!!! We’d get a new one each year, which is a tradition that Davey and I will start too 🙂

“trimming the tree” in… SHORTS?!

putting on the star!!! in SHORTS?!

our beautiful 1st tree 🙂

our stockings 🙂 (I sewed our names on them… so martha stewart, haha)

even our indoor plants get decorated!!!


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