Give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We’re so excited for our 1st Thanksgiving together! and we are just BURSTING with things to be thankful for!
I had to work the day before thanksgiving from 11am-11p. but they let me out early and Davey and I got to start our road trip to Sacramento early!!! we drove up north to spend the week with Davey’s family. On the way we had to stop at Bravo Farms… our favorite rest area where you can sample all the cheese! yum!!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful and we had an amazing time together eating good food (especially the pie’s Davey’s dad made), talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

On Saturday, we took a trip to San Francisco and hiked across the golden gate bridge! it was soooo fun… and WINDY!!!

we are so thankful for our families and are LOVING being married during the holiday’s!!!
While we were up north, we decided to all celebrate christmas because we are going to NJ this year. We were all abuzz with last minute preparations…
we decorated the Christmas tree…
Julie made the most AMAZING cream puffs…
and Davey and his Dad put up the lights outside,
I loved all the Anderson traditions… open faced sandwiches and cream puffs, and how they usually celebrate on Christmas Eve because his great aunt used to be too excited to wait until Christmas day. Hmmmm… I fit in perfectly with my own impatience 🙂

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