finding fall

OUR MISSION: to find fall in southern California and go apple picking
Our adventure took us 2 hours inland to the little town of Oak Glen. Although it was too early in the season for the spectacular fall foliage I was hoping for, we did find some pretty amazing apple cider donuts and hot apple cider!

an apple cancels out the donut, right?!

a little bit further down the road, we stopped at another orchard and they didn’t have any apple trees, but they sure had a ton of raspberries!!! we picked… and ate… raspberries until our mouths turned red! yummmm!

but we saved some room for apples!!! we found a few trees that still had some apples left and left Oak Glen with our MISSION ACCOPMLISHED!

we even found some yellow leaves!!!

here are the apples to prove it 🙂

and my favorite–the apple pie… a la mode of course!!!
p.s. we opted out of picking a $25 pumpkin from the patch at the orchard and got a bunch of $3 pumpkins at home depot instead. if you close your eyes, it’s just like being in the pumpkin patch 😉

and of course we carved them!!!
more autumn adventures to come…


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